Hello, I’m Kara!

I’m a Dating Consultant.

In other words, I help people get to where they want to be in their love life.

Whether it is helping you create a dating profile you are confident and proud of or discussing how to get over the apprehensions/fears/uncertainties of going on a first date: finding lasting love is a work in progress. During this exciting and often daunting time, I am here to help support and guide you along YOUR journey towards finding Love.

In the old days, dating and meeting a woman for the first time began after a knock on her door, followed by impressing her with flowers. But oh how the internet has changed the wonderful world of dating.

Let’s face it… Today your dating profile IS your FIRST impression.

A woman sees what you look like and gets a sense of who you are within seconds, without ever even meeting you. Pretty far off from how our Grandparents met!

The beauty of the internet, however, gives us the ability to come in contact with a potential partner within seconds. Having an amazing profile is crucial, because the honest truth is she may decide with one click or glance, that you are not her Romeo!?

But how are you supposed to know whether or not your photo is appealing to women or if what you have written comes across well to the type of woman you would like to meet?

The truth is: only women know what we like in men, and trust me, much of what women look for in their ideal partner is Universal.

Can I help YOU? YES, ABSOLUTELY! You need a game plan, and this is where I come in.



Read what my clients are saying

"Hi Kara, great to see your website up and running. Just want to let everyone know that I met my partner through your excellent skills as a relationship consultant. I had for many years been trying the usual ways to meet people, but with today's modern rush and rush world, think we all need a little help.

Anyway, best of luck, JB."

"After having joined a number of dating sites and literally have 0 responses, I found Kara's Rediscover Romeo website and asked for her help. She reviewed both my profiles and made very helpful suggestions on altering my profiles so that it matched against more of the criteria that women look for in men - than men THINK women look for (let's face it - if we knew what women wanted - we'd be in a relationship !).

She also helped me sit down and actually think about both my strengths and weaknesses (I've never been good at marketing myself !) and to play to my strengths. Although I haven't found "the one" yet, this has resulted in much more interest being shown from the opposite sex and I have actually now met up with several possible candidates, and on that basis I would recommend Kara's services without hesitation!

Regards, Edward"

Are you ready to meet the One? Are you on dating websites, but feel discouraged by the lack of interest in your profile? Been dating, but find your potential partners only see you as a friend? Have you been on loads of dates, but it just doesn’t go anywhere? Is your love life suffering, because you lack the time to invest in your love life? Are you still ready to meet the One?
If you answer “Yes” to any of these questions, then getting advice and one-to-one support from a woman with expert experience is for YOU!

How I will help you.

Dating profile audit

  • I WILL share with you the Strengths of your already existing profile, specifically highlighting the best features i.e. what you should definitely keep.
  • I WILL pinpoint specific areas for improvement i.e. what may be a turn off to women.

Two Minds are Always Better than One

  • I WILL recommend Dating sites that have a high success rate and will best suit you.
  • I CAN search your preferred site(s) for potential women that may be of interest to you and send you 5 or more women who suit you.
  • I WILL edit all grammatical errors. Misspelled words can be a major dealbreaker as to whether or not a woman likes or sends a personal message.

From Dating Sites to the First Date

  • I CAN hold a phone call, one-to-one Skype/Facetime session, or WhatsApp conversation with you before your First Date.
  • Discuss your plans for the date/discuss any queries you have before the date.
  • After the Date I will:

  • Discuss how you think the Date went. What went well? Was it a match? Will you see her again? If you will not see her again why you think this is.
  • Debrief any concerns/questions/thoughts - exciting or not- before moving forward to a second Date or going back to finding potential women to date.
  • It all depends on your own needs. I am here to help support you through this process. Sometimes merely by talking out loud about the date allows you to see where things may have gone sour. You may also discover upon reflection the type of woman you are not looking for, which is well worth knowing.

Take the next step towards finding The One

As everyone’s needs and requirements are different, I find fixed packages restrictive. Message me and WE can come up with a tailored quote to suit you. Please don’t feel any requests are too small or large.

Confidentiality: Our conversations are kept 100% confidential and judgement free. You can completely be yourself.

About me.

Hi, I'm Kara, and this is my amazing husband Jack! We met in January 2009. We moved in together and travelled in 2010. We got married in 2011 in London, then had a bigger wedding in America in 2012. We had our first baby boy in 2013, and in 2014 we bought our house. You may be thinking that we moved fast! We did and we still do. I’m excited to see what 2015 brings!

Kara and husband The evening we first laid eyes on each other, yes, the stars in the Universe aligned, and we completely hit it off and the rest is history. Yet the dating road leading up to meeting my Romeo certainly had its ups and downs. I dated in America, Australia, Switzerland, Ireland and London. At one point I decided that if I was asked on a date in person or on a dating site, I would always say “Yes” to at least a first date. You can imagine never saying “No” to a date brought about more than a few humorous stories, which you can read about in my blog. However, the journey was invaluable. I learned about myself, about the unique lives of so many others, and, ultimately, what I was and was not looking for. No matter what background, culture, socioeconomic status, ethnicity or whatever else separates us only on paper, I always came back to the same conclusion. At the root of it all, we just want to find that amazing person to share our lives with.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Teaching, Coaching and Mentoring, and have extensive experience in NLP. I spent six wonderful years working with adults and adolescents in London focusing on education, careers, and personal advice.

Kara again

From this grounding in coaching and mentoring I have since spent the last two years specifically advising on dating and relationships, which has been thoroughly rewarding and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

Dating sure isn't easy, but finding “The One” is so worth it.

My goal is to work with people that are in a place in their lives where they want to share their life with someone special. Are you ready to begin YOUR journey?

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Best Wishes,

Kara Cantrell